Florida Supreme Court Questions Clarity Of Proposed Assault Weapons Ban

Justices on Florida’s highest court questioned Tuesday whether a proposed ballot initiative to restrict assault weapons is too confusing for voters. Justices worried that voters might be confused about what happens to such a firearm when the legal owner dies. The Florida Supreme Court heard oral arguments about a proposed citizens’ initiative to amend the state constitution to ban assault weapons. Those arguing against it – including the state’s Republican attorney general – said its language w

Florida Supreme Court Rules Judges Can Impose Death Penalty In ‘Partisan’ Decision

It will be easier for judges in Florida to impose the death penalty under a new ruling by the state’s Supreme Court. Departing from a previous case, the court ruled Thursday that judges can impose the death penalty without a jury’s unanimous recommendation. This decision not only deviates from the court’s prior rulings but also from almost every other state’s laws. Robert Dunham, the executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, said jury unanimity is extremely important, especia

Florida Supreme Court Sides With DeSantis In Felon Voter Rights Case

The Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion today agreeing with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) that a state constitutional amendment allowing released felons to regain their voting rights was intended to include payment of court-ordered financial penalties, a potential barrier to hundreds of thousands seeking to register in advance of the 2020 election. This opinion comes less than two weeks before oral arguments in a related federal case, and although it doesn’t have a binding effect on the case, it co

UF’s international programs recognized through national award

UF’s international programs have been named one of the top in the nation. The award recognizes and encourages the universities’ efforts to increase international awareness in students and faculty, said Leonardo Villalón, dean of the UF International Center. The other schools that got the award this year are Babson College, St. Lawrence University, Stony Brook University and Texas Tech University.